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Why now? 'Sounds Physical' a course for conscious dance teachers and movement therapists.

As in-person dancing and movement is beginning to happen again I'm delighted to be relaunching the Sounds Physical course on sound, body and environment, designed to support conscious dance teachers and movement therapists of all kinds who work with sound and music in their sessions. The course runs over 6 weeks, it's online and starts 2nd November 7-8.30pm - places limited to 8 people.

Why now?

The course first launched in January 2020, but has been on hold during the pandemic. NOW seems the perfect time to relaunch as teachers and therapists are beginning to move back to in-person teaching and this course will support that move, by helping you brush up on skills, learn new ones and provide a space to consider how the experience of the pandemic impacts how you work with sound and music in your practice.



I highly recommend this short course with Nina. It opened my eyes to dimensions of sound that I had never considered, and which most of us don't think about – or know about – as conscious dance teachers, but which can really assist us in creating soundscapes, understanding technical sound issues, and using sound optimally with dancers. Nina is a radio maker, composer, sound artist and much more, and brings a wealth of experience to her teaching.” – Jess Glenny, Conscious dance & yoga teacher and therapist.


Why did I create the course?

I greatly appreciate the work the therapists and teachers who attend my course do - I'm an explorer of embodied and somatic practices, conscious dance and psychophysical voice work, these practices inform my academic research, where I've explored the artistic practitioner knowledge inscribed in my body as part of reflective methodology. I came to realise through conversations with my teachers that my professional music and sound knowledge and experience was useful and valuable to them, and even though music is often a fundamental part of their practice, the way sound, body and environment meet, is not often covered by training.



"we made sound waves out of paper, it was so creative. I recommend it to anyone who is looking to learn about sound or improve their sound system, Nina is an expert and a really fun teacher to learn with..” Sarah Davies Open Floor and 5Rhythms teacher.

Sarah also wrote this piece on 'why do we move to music' after attending the course.

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