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I am an artist working in sound, story, voice and music.  I have forged many successful collaborations working with other artists, academic researchers, producers, performers, writers, directors and organisations in a variety of settings.

 I work as a freelance composer, audio producer and sound artist on socially engaged projects. I have produced award winning audio documentaries and features for BBC Radio and international networks and have scored music across genres - for dramas,documentaries for film and performance, including the BBC series Tommies, and Outsiders, and the award-winning US podcast The Heist. With an ongoing interest in technology and experimental storytelling I’ve recently been working in immersive storytelling as a creative practitioner on StoryFutures Storytrails project. My BBC commissioned critically acclaimed ‘composed features’ which marry soundscape, field recording and electroacoustic composition with personal testimony and scored instrumentation were the subject of my practice research PhD awarded in 2017. I teach, research and consult in the areas I practice. 

Whether you’re interested in discussing music for a project or working collaboratively with me on something, commissioning research, or have an enquiry about a course or workshops, guest speaking or mentoring, please....

My work is wide-ranging and explores ideas using different media

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