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Photograph by Katie Sollohub 2023

 I am an artist working in sound, story, voice & music. As an internationally recognised composer & audio narrative artist, I have produced innovative work for BBC Radio & international networks, & have scored music across drama, documentary, & recorded/live performance, incl Tommies, Outsiders (BBC), & the award-winning US podcast The Heist. 

An interdisciplinary artist by nature, I have been working more extensively with the body, voice and movement since 2015 and my work has engaged with visual forms since 2018. Recent audio & visual work includes Storytrails, a collaboration between StoryFutures, ISO Design & local community members, in which I developed an immersive psychogeographical map of my home borough of Lewisham for the 3D internet.

I frequently work in socially engaged arts practice and have a strong interest in arts & health. My BBC Lullabies Project (2010) has been used as an international resource, and I have presented research at Finding Your Voice 2019 (GSMD) and at the MARCH Singing and Mental Health Sandpit at Snape Maltings in 2020. 

For my practice research PhD (Bournemouth, 2017), I reflected on my critically acclaimed BBC commissioned ‘composed features’, which marry soundscape, field recording and electroacoustic composition with personal testimony and scored instrumentation. I regularly mentor and teach in creative practice. 


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