Composing music, sound art & design

I compose music and sound art and design for media and performing arts, specialising in music and narrative, and creating through composed narratives.  I hold an MA in composing music for film and television from Kingston University and was BBC Radio Drama composer-in-residence.


Dream(ing) field Lab - rhythm of rest


created for the 'another garden (will be our city) immersive installation.

Fibre Soundscape with Verd de gris arts. 


BBC Radio 4 - Outsiders

Original music for BBC Radio 4 Outsiders - a five part series where Radio 4 invites five writers to tell us about the ways in which the pandemic has changed their relationship with the outside world.


Sound Design for UCL Culture Animation


A collaboration with Kate Anderson

Digital Visions - The Garden
A film by Mark Bond
For this collaborative project, I co-composed the music for Mark's film with Danny Keane.

BBC Radio Drama credits include: Tommies, Black Dog, Sugar and Snow, 12 Shares, Watch the Spider, The Maharajah's Daughter, Hard Times by Charles Dickens, The Cocktail Party Effect, After the Divorce, The Goalkeepers Boo Boo, Lying Undiscovered, An Abominable Bestiary:  By the Coast of Coromandel – In search of Edward Lear. 


audio books

Theatre and performance: South London Stories LIVE London Bubble .The Goddess Trilogy storytelling tour by Xanthe Gresham; Stages of Sound (Hampstead Theatre); 147 by The Dende Collective (UK Tour); The Snow Queen (Lincoln Performing Arts Centre) Plasticine Tina (Replay Productions Belfast - TIE) Karius and Bactus (The Hackney Empire).

Audio Books: Nature Story Books (Songs) 20 titles; The Power of Five by Anthony Horowitz (Published by Walker Books)

As Many Leaves BBC Radio 4
 music co-composed  with Danny Keane.

Other credits for BBC documentaries include: Letters to myself, Internet Sleuths, The Thinking Earth Trilogy – An ABC of the Night.

Music for the film Soul Journeying - Verd de gris arts